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- Child Benefit changes - Q&As

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Child Benefit · 14/1/2013 16:35:07
Tags: childbenefittaxreturnhighincomechildbenefitcharge
Changes to the rules on child benefit which came into force recently will reduce the entitlement for over 1 million families. Questions & Answers to frequently asked questions are included.

- Potential large Capital Gains Tax issues from selling Olympic torches on eBay

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 24/5/2012 10:45:54
Tags: olympictorchcapitalgainstaxhmrcgiftaid
Potential Capital Gains Tax due on the sale of Olympic torches, even if the proceeds are given to charity.

- Daily penalties will be charged for late 2010/11 self assessment tax return if not submitted by the end of April.

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 20/4/2012 10:59:02
Tags: taxreturndailypenalties2010/11
If you have not filed your 2010/11 Self Assessment tax return yet, penalties of £10 per day will be incurred for each day your return is still late, up to a maximum of £900 (90 days) from 1 May 2012.
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