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- NatWest & RBS computer system problems: what to do if you are affected

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Money News · 25/6/2012 12:55:42
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Following the computer problems faced by NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank last week, many of their customers are still having difficulty in making payments.

The banks have said that no-one would be left out-of-pocket because of this scenario and all overdraft fees or charges on current accounts will automatically be waived.

Customers’ rights and what you need to do:

  • Anyone out of pocket owing to a technical or systems failure has certain rights

  • Banks should put the customers’ position back to where they were, had the problem not occurred (extra compensation is not a right)

  • Anyone affected should let the bank know about their situation as soon as possible

  • Customers should check to see if any payments due from an account have bounced

  • Keep a record of how the problem has affected them for if a formal complaint is required at a later date

Keep track of your account
Compensation may be a long process due to the nature of the problem and the number of people and businesses this will have affected.
Keep track of what is happening with your accounts over the next few days and record and keep documentation of any costs you are faced with unexpectedly, any unintended consequences and complain formally to the bank if that still has not been sorted out.

If you find you will be short of money because money you were expecting to come into your accounts has not arrived yet, go to your bank immediately and they will be able to work with you until the situation is rectified.

RBS has said that its own customers who have suffered financial losses should take their case to their local branch where the branch managers will arrange to pay them back. These claims for reimbursement are being judged on a case by case basis.
Examples of the costs the bank is expecting to refund are penalties for late payment of credit cards and customers’ extra telephone calls. Customers have been advised to keep copies of any documentary evidence to back up their claim.

It has been suggested that customers of other banks who may have incurred extra costs because payments from RBS did not come through, would eventually be reimbursed by RBS as well.
There is no policy yet if people will be offered extra payments as compensation for inconvenience rather than quantifiable financial loss.
The compensation claims for NatWest and Ulster Bank it is presumed will follow along the same lines as RBS.

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