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- New Minimum Wage Rates from 1st October 2012

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 1/10/2012 14:46:44
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New Minimum Wage Rates

Check your next payslip carefully to ensure that you are receiving at least the new NMW rate applicable to you.

The new minimum wage rates from 1 st October 2012 are as follows:

  • £6.19 – main rate for workers aged 21 and over

  • £4.98 – rate for workers aged 18-20

  • £3.68 – rate for workers aged 16-17 (above school leaving age but under 18)

  • £2.65 – apprentice rate, for apprentices under 19 or over 19 and in the first year of their apprenticeship

You are not entitled to the NMW if you are of compulsory school age.

If you are being paid under the NMW and your employer will not adjust your wage, you can contact the Pay at Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368 for advice.

If you are an employer and would like us to carry out your payroll for you, please contact us for more information about our payroll services we offer.

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- Potential large Capital Gains Tax issues from selling Olympic torches on eBay

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 24/5/2012 10:45:54
Tags: olympictorchcapitalgainstaxhmrcgiftaid
Potential Capital Gains Tax due on the sale of Olympic torches, even if the proceeds are given to charity.

- Daily penalties will be charged for late 2010/11 self assessment tax return if not submitted by the end of April.

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 20/4/2012 10:59:02
Tags: taxreturndailypenalties2010/11
If you have not filed your 2010/11 Self Assessment tax return yet, penalties of £10 per day will be incurred for each day your return is still late, up to a maximum of £900 (90 days) from 1 May 2012.

- New penalties for filing self assessment tax returns late - 31st January deadline only days away.

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 23/1/2012 14:59:52
Tags: selfassessmenttaxreturnHRMClatefilingpenalties
New penalties for missing the 31st January filing deadline for self assessment tax returns.

- What to do if you have problems paying your self-assessment tax to HMRC by 31st January.

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 19/1/2012 15:23:10
Tags: selfassessmenttaxreturnHRMCproblemspayingtaxBPSS
Struggling to pay the tax due by 31st January 2012 for your tax return? Call HMRC's Business Payment Support Service to see if they will allow you a time to pay arrangement.

- Ways to pay your tax due by 31st January 2012 to HMRC for Self Assessment.

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Tax News · 3/1/2012 15:31:01
Tags: selfassessmenttaxreturnHRMChowtopaytax
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